Grow Back for Posterity
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Irrawaddy River dolphin
Irrawaddy Dolphin Protected Area KBA
Mandalay and Sagaing Divisions

Grow Back for Posterity (GBP) has been collaborating with the fishing communities of Hsithe, Myit Kan Gyi and Myazun for the past five years.

The first aim of this collaboration is to support the cultural traditions of the fishermen who fish co-operatively with the Irrawaddy River dolphin.

The second aim is to contribute towards the conservation of the dolphins themselves.

Currently there are thought to be about 80 river dolphins in the upper Ayeyarwady River. They are threatened by a combination of water pollution, the use of gill nets and other illegal fishing practices, lack of food, and disturbance by tourist boats.

Aung Myo Chit of GBP has extensive experience of studying the river dolphin. He was the in-country co-ordinator of WCS's Asian Freshwater and Coastal Cetaean Program. He also worked for the James Cook University, Australia cetacean research unit.